Our technicians master the complex construction of aircraft. In addition, we offer you a wide range of customized equipment and guarantee you the best quality, optimal advice and delivery dates within the required timeframe.

We offer a professional technical service

We perform precision mechanical engineering repair. We can work on products made by Dolomiti Aviation but also on your products. We have the best partners for the supply of spare parts.
In addition to repairing the products and taking care of maintenance, our mechanical engineers can help to give shape to your ideas.

An aircraft is a machine that for safety reasons must be perfect. To assemble it in a professional way and pass the checks and tests required by law you need a lot of technical knowledge of aerodynamics, mechanics applied to the flight, aerotechnics, electrical engineering and on-board equipment, carpentry etc.. Thanks to Dolomiti Aviation you will be certain to have a safe product.
You can contact our local salesmen to request mechanical spare parts, even second-hand ones.


In agreement with the customer, product updates, modifications and maintenance are made