Dolomiti Aviation

Dolomiti Aviation manufactures and assembles ultra-light aircrafts.

Our company focuses on long-term business relationships and offers a high level of service and support.
In order to understand the wishes of our customers individually, we focus on developing a professional partnership.

DA Avi Fly – Acro

DA Avi Fly – Stol

DA Avi Fly – SS

DA Avi Fly – Jet

DA Air Glider

DA Helisport – Scout

DA Helisport – T

DA Hover Sport

DA Drone Fly

Spare parts

Our strengths

  • High quality products

  • Tested and certified products

  • Certified company

  • Fast deliveries of aircrafts

  • Excellent quality/price ratio

  • Customizable products

  • Focus on safety

  • Wide range of products

  • Long-lasting materials

  • Spare parts availability for 10 years

  • Specialized team

  • Unique design

Main services

Quality of materials, precision and passion
in assembling the product, verification tests, safety
and maintenance are the basis of our work.


Together with our clients we choose the right solution for your needs. We will show you our aircrafts and you will be able to observe them closely in our show room. Our salesmen are at your disposal.


Our specialists are not only experienced engineers but also passionate about their work. That’s why they must be the first to be satisfied. The product will be assembled and tested at our headquarter in Austria.


We offer our customers all the information they need to make the most of the product we produce. You can trust us, we are always at your disposal. Maintenance and safety are fundamental to our work.


Once the project has been completed, tested and approved, it is possible to proceed with the delivery of the finished product.
The delivery can be organized by the customer or directly by Dolomiti Aviation.

Our partners


For any request, doubt or curiosity please contact us.